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Daniel Sharman is my King. & Kat Graham is my Queen.
Nate Buzolic is my prince. & Shelly Hennig is my princess.
I watch a lot shows and have many ships, so be sure to check out those tags.

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Beautiful day at Fort De Soto

Beautiful day at Fort De Soto


TVD Ships: Kennett [12/∞], [x]


So, what's your story, Neal?


Kennett AU: Kol refuses to let Bonnie give up without a fight.

through the years: allison argent

through the years: allison argent


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"So you’re single.." “It happens”

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make me choosesaumsherri asked: outlaw queen or swan queen

People Being There For Lydia in I.E.D.

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If someone’s coming to take my head off, then yeahI’d like to know.

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The second part of the deadpool

Directly from the episode. Here’s the names on the second part of the dead pool.

Don’t forget to support the show & cast by voting everyday using Fox’s TCA site..

PS: make sure you put your birthday between 1995 - 2001..

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Teen Wolf 4.05 I.E.D.: Malia Tate

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"It's a dead pool. A hit-list of supernatural creatures."

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